Digital Wallet

NLife is a mobile platform that allows users to create and manage their nightlife and events digital wallet. Link venue and event wristbands, pre-load venue wallets or link credit card to your wallet.

Never lose cash or credit cards again, it’s easy, fast and secure!


- Listing of your venue wallets
- Quickly add new wallests
- Don't see your nightclub or bar, send a request

Your Wallet

- Pre-Load funds
- Link your venue or events wristband
- Access to venue and event tickets
- Pre-order VIP, bottle / table service
- Request a ride
- Access venue or events Social Media in one place

Pre - Load

- Pre-load your venue or event account
- Set your auto Tip amount

Digital Tickets

- Access your venue or event Digital Tickets
- Access venue ticket purchasing site

Additional App Features


Pre-order services such as VIP, Table/Bottle.

Social Media

Access a venue or events social media channels all in one place.


By enabling notification, stay on top of what’s happening at your nightclub or bar. Get automatically notified when you have forgotten your jacket and instructions on how to pick it up.

Request Ride

Request a ride to your favorite night spot or back home at the end of the evening.


One click callout to your entourage to meet up. Met someone at the club but not sure if your ready to open your social life up to them, test drive them here.


Seamlessly start collecting rewards instantly.

Note: Not all service are available at all NLife locations.


Go App Store

Search for NLife by oneBand and download app and create an account.


Create an Account

Seup and register your new NLife digital wallet account.


Seup Method of Payment

Setup one or more credit card for fast, secure transactions.



Scroll through the NLife digital wallet venues and register account.

Launching @ the 2020 Nightclub & Bar Show

Set to Launch at the Nightclub & Bar Show, June 22, 2020.
Las Vegas Convention Center

Downloads will be availabe first day of the Show June 22, 2020.